Founded in 2016, Antivalent is an modern alternative rock qvintet from Seinäjoki, Finland. Honouring the Nordic and Scandinavian rugged rock styles their songs consist of not only clean and grunge-sounding vocal melodies and distorted guitars but also hazy and echoing soundscapes. Their style of music resembles and follows in the footsteps of various notable rock bands such as Disco Ensemble, Placebo and Biffy Clyro while adding their own spices into the mix aswell. Antivalent has released a total of six singles and an EP while gigging and sharing the stages with some iconic Finnish groups (Apulanta, Von Hertzen Brothers, Sara)

In the beginning of the year 2020 the band started ambitiously working on their debut album. The group describes the upcoming material a junction of modern stadium rock and colourful post-punk. Featuring a few songs produced by a Finnish rocker Jussi Ylikoski (Moon Shot, Disco Ensemble) the album’s wholeness is on a new level. The first release of the album, “Heavy“, was released on November 26th along it’s music video. The bands second release of the album “Raven” got a great amount of
attention nationwide through numerous radio plays on multiple
radiostations. The rest of the album (name TBA) is to see the world during 2022.



Omar Zouiter (Vocs & Rhytm guitar), Oskari Grahn (Lead guitar), Santeri Norrbacka (Synth), Tomi Latvala (Bass), Joni Vähämäki (Drums)